Before we set off on our next unique travel experience

Let’s get to know each other.

We think that:

Travel should be transformative

Call us romantics, but we really do think that travel can change you as a person.

So we build our itineraries around activities you feel passionate about, and we plan experiences that take you to the heart of new cultures.

We want you to come home feeling inspired, recharged, and deeply connected to the world.

Adventure doesn’t have to be unkomfortable

You know what can ruin even the most incredible view? A sore back.

We don’t want anything to distract from the day’s adventures. That’s why we pick hotels known for their attention to detail, and turn camping into glamping.

And if we have to rough it, we make sure you’re equipped with gear that keeps you as comfortable as possible.

Done-for-you is always better

We can all agree that planning your own trip is highly overrated.

On a Dulwa trip, you’ll get the personal email address of your own Travel Advisor. They’ll book your flight, reserve your activities, send you packing lists, and answer all your questions.

Each itinerary also has a Trip Leader. Your trip leader might be a native guide, a talented instructor, or a skilled mountaineer. No matter who they are, their job is to make sure you’re prepared, safe, comfortable, and having an amazing time.

Experiences are more fun when they’re shared

Travel brings people together — literally.

Our trips attract diverse groups of like-minded people from all over the world.

We start every journey by connecting you with your fellow travelers in a WhatsApp group, so that by the time you meet in person, you’re not really strangers.

Whether you’re coming in a group or traveling solo, we’re confident that you’ll go home with more friends than you left with.

That’s us. What about you?

If you agree with the following, you’re definitely our kind of traveler.

Adventures are better than vacations

Our trips are full of excitement and activity. If your perfect vacation is lounging by a pool, working on your tan while sipping a fruity drink, you might want to think twice before joining us.

Feeling like a tourist is rubbish

Waiting in line behind 10 tour busloads of people is not our idea of a good afternoon. We take the back way, find the scenic route, and explore both famous sights AND hidden gems everywhere we go.

We’re all citizens of the same planet

We work with local guides and companies to create itineraries that honor the cultures and places we visit. We expect all our guests to maintain open minds and respectful attitudes.

Ready to get going?

How do we know that boutique travel can change your life?

Because that’s exactly what happened to us.

Anna’s perfect trip:
A soulful wellness retreat

Diana’s perfect trip:
On top of a mountain

Prasar’s perfect trip:
Anywhere with a motorcycle

We started off as strangers.

We were three expats living in the UAE, stressed from working our 9-5 jobs, longing for adventure, and feeling like there had to be more to life.

So, we booked a yoga retreat trip to Socotra.
And in between sun salutations and wading into the perfectly blue ocean, we realized: we had all just become friends. But not just friends — Dulwa (“voyager”) friends.

The kind of friends who hike the extra hour, just to see the view. Who tries the strange food without a second thought. The kind who are bound together by touching memories and experiences you can’t put into words.

Then we thought: other people should know what this feels like.

The rest is history.

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